St. Michael Cantor/Choir Schedule

  March 4/5 March 11/12 March 18/19 March 25/26 April 1/2
  Lent I Lent II Lent III Lent IV Lent V
6:00 PM Nancy Lynne Chris - Grace psalmist Isabelle V Dennis
7:30 AM Jeanette Laine Melissa Nancy  Lynne
9:00 AM Chris ALC Cary ALC Dennis  Bill  Melissa 
11:00 AM Jen Jannelle CC Lynne Jeanette ALC Nancy ALC
5:00 PM Isabelle V TC Melissa Jen  ALC Laine & Sofia- psalm Cary
  April 8-9 April 15-16 April 22-23 April 29-30 May 6-7
  Palm Sunday Easter Vigil/Sunday Easter II Easter III Easter IV
6:00 PM Cary EV 8:30pm Lynne with Sofia (psalm) Bill Isabelle V
7:30 AM Bill ________________ Melissa Jen Nancy 
9:00 AM Dennis ALC ________________ Jeanette Jen Nancy CC
11:00 AM Isabelle CC Janelle, Isabelle (?) Chris ALC Melissa ALC  Lynne ALC
5:00 PM Lynne TC xxx Nancy - Grace psalmist Cary Dennis TC
  May 13-14 May 20-21 May 27-28 June 3-4 Click here to request an updated schedule.
  Easter V Easter VI Ascension Pentecost
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6:00 PM Nancy Jeanette Jen   
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7:30 AM Dennis Cary  Nancy  
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9:00 AM  Melissa ALC  Laine (Sofia Psalm) Dennis ALC  
          ALC-Adult Liturgical Choir
11:00 AM Jannelle CC Lynne ALC IsabelleV   TC-Tongan Choir
          YO - Youth Orchestra
5:00 PM Chris Bill YO Melissa - Grace psalmist   CC-Cherub/Choristers
  Rev. date: 2/28/17 4:25 PM